How to connect Nav4All on your mobile phone to your MyWorld account.

You can connect Nav4All on your mobile phone to your MyWorld account in three simple steps:

1. Start Nav4All on your mobile phone
2. Go to Settings and choose "Sign-in MyWorld".
3. Fill in your MyWorld username and password.

Now your Nav4All navigation system has the following additional features:

  • Prepare your trips by simply pointing on a map where you like to go and save the address in a special list. This address list is accessible in Nav4All on your phone.

  • Update your navigation address lists on your Myworld account. Each time you save a location it's also uploaded to your MyWorld account from where you can share it with your friends.

  • Save cool or important places directly from your phone to your MyWorld account. like:

      1.Your location *
      2.Your parking *
      3.Your favourites *
      4.Your destinations *
      5.Traffic cameras(during navigation)

    *Go to Startmenu > Settings > MyWorld > Settings to turn this feature on or off.

  • Add photos, videos and audio to your saved cool places and share with others what you see on your trips.

  • Tracking & Tracing:
    - follow other Nav4All users on your desktop computer and see where they go, or let others follow you.
    - see on your mobile phone where other Nav4All users are located who send their locations to your Tracking & Tracing server.